THE BCMC: The Big City Motor Cop by Gary Smith

A young, idealistic young man from Iowa comes to California to join the Los Angeles Police Department in the late 1950s. The country is in the beginning of the Civil Rights era and many cities are in turmoil. After a two-year stint in street patrol in downtown Los Angeles, Pete Felix achieves his goal of becoming a motorcycle officer. His fellow officers call themselves The BCMC: The Big City Motor Cop.

Readers will relive the turbulent 60s as Pete Felix, a young motorcycle officer in Los Angeles, narrates his sixteen years on the LA Police Department motorcycle squad. Laugh, cry, be frightened, all the while learning interesting facts about law enforcement. Meet salty, old-time officers and rookies who will each tell a story of the exciting and dangerous life of a Big City Motor Cop. The names have been changed, but the tales are true.

Pete opens his police story with the chilling and most dangerous motorcycle police action: a pursuit. He describes his thoughts and actions as he chases the suspects and tries to stay alive while doing it. As the story unfolds, readers will get a picture of the private conversations and relationships between the officers with whom Pete works in the various phases of his career.